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Business plans  – “a business that fails to plan is one that plans to fail”. Australia is home to many successful small businesses and for a large number of them  a business plan is an essential part of their everyday operations.

business plan - achievable?

business plan – achievable?

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A business plan is so important because it provides a good structure and framework to follow. The easiest way to think about it is having a blueprint or roadmap for your business. It’s about being able to chart out where you want to be and the steps you need to take in order to get there. The question for many businesses owners is “How do I get started?” Contact AccountsBiz Plus today.

Budgets  A good company budget can tell you where money is coming from and to where it is going and what profit or loss can be expected at the end of a year.

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A budget can help you to focus on profitable opportunities and to reduce/eliminate unnecessary expense and time wasting. It will also give you an opportunity to rethink on various business practices of your company. So do you think your business could benefit from an accurate budget? Get in touch with AccountsBiz Plus today.

Cashflow forecasts A key management decision-making tool as it is ensures a business’s resources are utilised in the most efficient manner. If prepared in adequate detail, a cashflow forecast can assist the business owners to identify any possible problems or areas requiring attention.

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It is also an indicator to your bankers (as most lenders require this) that you are capable of repaying any debt. Of course, the assumptions on which your cashflow forecast is based is extremely important as it MUST relate to your business and the environment in which it operates.
 A cashflow forecast is not only useful but critical to the success of any business. If you want to get to your goal, you need to know how you’re going to get there. If you have a business operating in the Hamburg area and need to be on top of your numbers contact AccountsBiz Plus, the sooner the better.

Tax preparation  Two things are certain in life, and one of them is taxes. Everyone hates doing it but the government ensures that we do it.  AccountsBiz Plus can provide your accounts in a comprehensive manner so, when it comes to tax time, the majority of your pain has been removed. We work with ABN Tax to be a facilitator with you and your business. Read more…

Financial statements  Your business seems to be doing fine. You have plenty of customers and your employees are working hard. Yet, your bank account is empty and you’re having problems paying the bills.

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On the outside, it looks like everything should be terrific, but somehow, it isn’t. So, what’s wrong? How do you figure out where all your money is going when it seems you have plenty coming in? The answer may be in your financial statements. It may be time to analyse the financial side of your business, and that’s exactly where financial statements can help you. Financial statements are more than a simple listing of business income and expenses. Appropriately prepared financial statements can show you the cashflow of your business, any outstanding debts, and the value of your assets. Basically, once you do this, you’ll see that the total in your bank is not necessarily the income you have earned. There is far more to income than actual deposits in the bank.
To really comprehend where your business stands, it is critical to look at certain financial statements. Financial statements are generated by first organising, and then analysing numbers from your accounting activities. You’ll want to start with the two primary financial statements, which are your Profit and Loss Statement and your Balance Sheet. After which, you may want to delve deeper, and look at your Cashflow Statement, as that will show you exactly where your cash is coming from and then where it is going.

Registration of business names  A new national business names registration service commenced on 28 May 2012, replacing the state and territory services.

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Businesses now only need to register or renew their name once with the single national register and pay a single fee. This will reduce red tape, save time and cut costs for businesses. The new national business names registration service is administered and managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).